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It is the youngest symphonic orchestra in Romania. Founded in 2013 during Sinaia Summer School for Young Musicians, Junior Orchestra is led by conductor Gabriel Bebeşelea and is the first step to start a career as a young professional musician in a symphonic orchestra.


Marin Cazacu, cello player and teacher, has created this orchestra, which gather the most talented young musicians in Romania with ages between 12 and 15.


The orchestra has a diverse repertoire, performing baroque, classical or modern complex works.


Young musicians have already performed successfully during the 2013 and 2014 editions of the Enescu International Festival and Muzica lumii from Sinia. Junior Orchestra, together with Romanian Simfonietta Orchestra and Orchestra Română de Tineret are part of the program which ensures tomorrow’s exchange of symphonic orchestras in Romanian, setting out to increase the reputation which Romanian musicians have been enjoying for entire generations on international stages.