The National Youth Art Center “Tinerimea Română” performs its activity in order to:

  • increasing public access to performances and concerts
  • increasing the public’s access to shows and concerts
  • promoting national and international artistic and artistic values of performing arts; asserting the national cultural identity and cultural identities of national minorities through the performing arts;
  • supporting the public initiative and encouraging the private initiative to diversify and develop the arts of the show.

Main activity – performing artistic productions, such as performances, concerts and artistic tournaments for all artistic genres, for cultural, educational and entertainment purposes; The “Tinerimea Română” National Art Center has its object of activity through the following main activities:

  • organizes and performs performances and concerts of music (choral, chamber music, contemporary, symphonic, instrumental, pop, jazz) and folklore or in collaboration with other entities;
  • organizes and implements educational programs;
  • promotes the Romanian and Universal choral music, classical and contemporary, authentic Romanian folklore, classical and contemporary instrumental Romanian and Universal instrumental music, contemporary Romanian and universal music, Romanian pop music and international repertoire, jazz music (blues, traditional jazz );
  • conducting an affiliate activity for their own artistic groups;
  • organizes and carries out, in its own or in collaboration with other partners, audio and video recordings (in any format or support) required for artistic, promotional, conservation or exploitation collections;
  • performs advertising activities for their own artistic productions;
  • organizes documentary actions on specific issues;
  • carries out passenger services with its own vehicles, both for their own benefit and for others.
  • The National Youth Center “Tinerimea Română” also provides services, in the form of related activities, to third parties, individuals or legal entities, using the technical – material basis and the assets under its administration.