A group of professional musicians, led by Liviu Dănceanu, became a chamber ensemble called Archaeus and started as a “contemporary music workshop”. This initiative was back then vital to modern Romanian musical culture. A “workshop” was born not only for the exemplary concert presentation of Romanian contemporary music, but also for its better reception by music lovers who are still developing here.


Statistics: over 500 concerts; over 700 works in the repertoire, belonging to a number of almost 400 Romanian composers. It performed concerts in 22 countries (Austria, Albania, England, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Moldavia, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Serbia, Slovakia, U.S.A., Hungary, Ukraine), covering almost 100 cities. Archaeus has recorded almost 30 CDs, thousands of radio and TV recordings; it has also done the soundtrack for over 20 movies.